11-1_Fuel and Emissions | 2002 Civic Turbo Diesel | Honda Service Manual

Fuel and Emissions


Fuel and Emissions Systems

Special Tools 11-2
General Troubleshooting Information 11-3
DTC Troubleshooting Index 11-6
Symptom Troubleshooting Index 11-9
System Descriptions 11-14

Diesel Engine Management System

Component Location Index 11-40
DTC Troubleshooting 11-47
OBD System Troubleshooting 11-146
Injector Spray Condition Check 11-152
Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Replacement 11-153

Idle Control System

Idle Speed Inspection 11-154

Fuel Supply System

Component Location Index 11-155
Fuel Line Inspection 11-156
Fuel System Bleeding 11-157
Fuel Filter Water Bleeding 11-158
Fuel Filter Replacement 11-158
Injector Replacement 11-159
Fuel Supply Pump and Common Rail Replacement 11-160
Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Test 11-162
Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Replacement 11-164
Fuel Tank Replacement 11-165

Intake Air System

Component Location Index 11-166
DTC Troubleshooting 11-167
VSV Inspection 11-169
Air Cleaner Element Replacement 11-170
Throttle Cable Adjustment 11-171
Throttle Cable Removal/Installation 11-172

EGR System

DTC Troubleshooting 11-173

Catalytic Converter System

Catalytic Converter Inspection 11-177

PCV System

PCV Valve Inspection and Test 11-178

NOTE: Refer to the '01 CIVIC Shop Manual on this CD, P/N 62S5A00, for the items not shown in this section.

Outline of CIVIC Model Change

4EE2 engine has been added.