19-1_Brakes | 2002 Civic Turbo Diesel | Honda Service Manual



Conventional Brake Components

Brake System Indicator Circuit Diagram 19-2
Vacuum Switch Test 19-3
Vacuum Switch Replacement 19-5
Front Brake Pads Inspection and Replacement 19-6
Front Brake Caliper Overhaul 19-8
Master Cylinder Removal/Installation 19-9
Brake Booster Replacement 19-11

NOTE: Refer to the '01 CIVIC Shop Manual, P/N 62S5A00 on this CD, for the items not shown in this section.

Outline of Model Change

  • The vacuum switch has been added; related information was entered.
  • The front brake caliper has been changed; related information was entered.
  • The master cylinder removal/installation procedure has been changed.
  • The brake booster replacement procedure has been changed.

SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM (SRS) (If body maintenance required)

This model has an SRS which includes a driver's airbag in the steering wheel hub, a passenger's airbag in the dashboard above the glove box, seat belt tensioners in the front seat belt retractors and some models include side airbags in the front seat-backs. Information necessary to safely service the SRS is included in the Shop Manual, P/N 62S5A00 on this CD. Items marked with an asterisk (*) on the contents page include, or are located near, SRS components. Servicing, disassembling or replacing these items will require special precautions and tools and should therefore be done by an authorised Honda dealer.


  • To avoid rendering the SRS inoperative, which could lead to personal injury or death in the event of a severe frontal collision, all SRS service work must be performed by an authorised Honda dealer.
  • Improper service procedures, including incorrect removal and installation of the SRS, could lead to personal injury caused by unintentional deployment of the airbags.
  • Do not bump the SRS unit. Otherwise, the system may fail in a collision, or airbags may deploy when the ignition switch is ON (II).
  • SRS electrical wiring connectors are identified by yellow colour coding. Related components are located in the steering column, front console, dashboard, dashboard lower panel and in the dashboard above the glove box. Do not use electrical test equipment on these circuits.