21-1_HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) | 2002 Civic Turbo Diesel | Honda Service Manual

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)



System Description 21-2
Circuit Diagram 21-3

Air Conditioning

Component Location Index 21-5
A/C Service Tips and Precautions 21-7
A/C Refrigerant Oil Replacement 21-7
Symptom Troubleshooting Index 21-9
System Description 21-10
Circuit Diagram 21-11
Radiator and Condenser Fans Low Speed Circuit Troubleshooting 21-13
Condenser Fan High Speed Circuit Troubleshooting 21-16
Radiator and Condenser Fans High Speed Circuit Troubleshooting 21-17
Compressor Clutch Circuit Troubleshooting 21-18
A/C Pressure Switch Circuit Troubleshooting 21-20
Compressor Replacement 21-25
Compressor Clutch Check 21-26
Compressor Clutch Overhaul 21-27
Compressor Relief Valve Replacement 21-28
Condenser Replacement 21-29
A/C System Tests 21-30

Climate Control

Symptom Troubleshooting Index 21-32
System Description 21-33
Circuit Diagram 21-34
A/C Pressure Switch Circuit Troubleshooting 21-36

NOTE: Refer to the 2001 Civic Shop Manual P/N 62S5A00, on this CD for items not shown in this section.

Outline of Model Changes

The Turbo Diesel model has been added; related information is included.


This model has an SRS which includes a driver's airbag in the steering wheel hub, a passenger's airbag in the dashboard above the glove box, seat belt tensioners in the front seat belt retractors, seat belt buckle tensioners in the front seat belt buckles, and side airbags in the front seat-backs. Information necessary to safely service the SRS is included in the '01 Civic Shop Manual on this CD, P/N 62S5A00. Items marked with an asterisk (*) on the contents page include or are located near SRS components. Servicing, disassembling or replacing these items will require special precautions and tools, and should be done only by an authorised Honda dealer.