Paint Safety Precautions

Most paints contain substances that are harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Read the paint label before opening the container.

The following precautions are important items in order to maintain a safe painting work area.

  • Wear an approved respirator and eye protection when painting.

  • Wear approved gloves and appropriate clothing when painting. Avoid contact with skin.

  • Spray paint only in a well ventilated area.
  • Cover spilled paint with sand, or wipe it up at once.

  • If paint gets in your mouth or on your skin, rinse and wash thoroughly with water. If paint gets in your eyes, flush with water and get prompt medical attention.

  • After the painting work is finished, wash your face and gargle with water.

  • Paint is flammable. Store it in a safe place, and keep it away from sparks, flames, or cigarettes.