Front Side Frame/Outrigger Installation

1.Set the new parts, and front bulkhead into position, and measure the front compartment diagonally. Check the body dimensions, engine compartment, engine compartment and front floor under view, top view, side view.

2.Tack weld the new parts.

3.Temporarily install the front subframe, and check the front side frame position.

4.Temporarily install the hood, front fender, headlight, and front bumper, then check for differences in level and clearance.
Make sure the body lines flow smoothly.

5.Do the main welding.

  • Weld the front side frame (A) and side frame rear end (B).
  • Plug weld the rear edge of the side frame rear end (C), outrigger (D), and subframe rear support (E).
  • From the passenger's compartment side, weld the dashboard lower (F) and front floor (G).

6.Weld the damper housing (A), front wheelhouse (B), and front side frame (C).