Front Pillar Outer Panel Installation

1.Glue the urethane block (A) to the inner lower (B) as shown.
Urethane block: P/N. 91616-S04-000
Adhesive: Cemedine 366, or equivalent

2.Weld the 2 point of the reinforcement front extension (A) and side sill reinforcement (B).

3.Set the new front pillar lower stiffener into position, and tack weld the clamped position.

4.Cut the outer panel (repair part), and set it into position. Clamp the repair part, and check the body dimensions, engine compartment, engine compartment and front floor under view, top view, side view, opening repair chart.

5.Temporarily install the windshield, windshield side trim, door, hood, and front fender, then check for differences in level and clearance. Make sure the body lines flow smoothly.

6.Weld the front pillar lower stiffener (A), upper stiffener (B), and reinforcement front extension (C).

7.Clamp the repair part, and recheck the clearance and alignment of the door, front fender, and windshield.

8.Do the main welding. Attach the patch (A) at the cut section of the front pillar and side sill outer panel (B), and weld them.

9.Weld the wheelhouse upper member (A).
NOTE: When welding the wheelhouse upper member, do not damage the wheelhouse upper member separator (B).