Rear Side Outer Panel Installation

1.Set the new rear damper stiffener extension (A).

2.Cut the rear side outer panel (repair part), and set it into position. Clamp the repair part and check the body dimensions, passenger's compartment, middle and rear floor under view, top view, side view, opening repair chart.

3.Tack weld the rear damper stiffener extension.

4.Temporarily install the doors, rear window, trunk lid, taillight, and rear bumper, then check for differences in level and clearance. Make sure the body lines flow smoothly.

5.Weld the rear damper stiffener extension (A) to the rear inner panel (B), rear damper stiffener (C), and rear parcel shelf (D).

6.Clamp the outer panel, and recheck the clearance and alignment of the door and trunk lid. Check the operation of the door and trunk lid.

7.Do the main welding.

  • Attach the patch (A) at the cut section of the outer panel (B) and plug weld them.
  • Weld the outer panel and rear gutter (C).

8.Apply the hole seal (A) and wire harness cusion (B) to the rear wheel arch extension (C) and rear inner panel (D) as shown.
NOTE: Except harness clips and attaching parts mount holes.
Hole seal: P/N. 91619-SE0-000
Cushion tape: P/N. 91902-SB2-0032

Left side

Right side