Rear Floor/Rear Floor Cross-member Installation

1.Check the rear frame position, then set the new rear frame into position, and align it with the body side rear frame.

2.Cut the new rear frame (A) and clamp it, and set the new rear floor cross-member (B).

NOTE: Attach the patch (C) at the cut section of the body side rear frame (D), and weld it.

3.Measure the rear frame diagonally, and check the body dimensions, passenger's compartment, middle and rear floor under view, top view, side view, opening repair chart.

4.Tack weld the new rear frame and rear floor cross-mender.

5.Temporarily install the rear subframe, and check the rear frame position.

6.Plug weld the new rear floor cross-member (A), and finish plug welding area.

NOTE: Do not weld the jack up stiffener support area (B) and grind the welds excessirely.

7.Weld the new rear frame (A) and patch (B).

8.Set the new rear floor (A) into position, and align it with the body. Cut the new rear floor so it overlaps the body side floor (B) by about 40 mm (1.6 in.)

9.Clamp the rear panel, and check the outer panel and trunk gutter position.

10.Set the new rear floor, and check that the weld flange surface closely.

11.Do the main welding.

  • Drill a new plug holes and weld the new rear foor (A) to the rear frame (B), and fillet weld the body side rear floor (C).
  • Weld the jack-up stiffener (D) and rear floor cross-member (E).
  • Weld the rear inner panel (F), and outer panel (G).