Rust-Preventive Treatments - General Information


  • Wear goggles or safety glasses to prevent eye injury.
  • Ventilate when spraying undercoat.


Anti-rust Agents:

  • Anti-rust agents contain substances that are harmful if you breathe or swallow them, or get them on your skin. Wear coveralls, gloves, eye protection, and an approved respirator while using such agents.
  • Ventilate when spraying an anti-rust agent since it contains a small amount of organic solvent. Keep sparks, flames and cigarettes away.


  • Do not spray an anti-rust agent on the brake system components, exhaust system components and its related parts, emission control devices in the engine compartment, ball joint covers, the fuel strainer, and exterior and interior parts.
  • Wipe the excess agent with a clean rag dampened with light oil.
  • Follow the anti-rust agent manufacturer's instructions.
  • Before applying an anti-rust agent, thoroughly clean the area to be coated with a steam cleaner, etc., and let it dry. Waxoyl may be applied to wet surface.
  • Apply anti-rust agent from the installation hole and the access hole on parts in the outer panel and the frame. Spray the anti-rust agent sufficiently until the excess amount oozes out when filling the side sill.