Front Suspension Upper Arm Replacement

Special Tools Required

Ball joint remover, 28 mm

or 07MAC-SL00200
  1. Remove the wheel sensor bracket (A) from the upper arm (B).

  1. Remove the cotter pin (A) from the upper arm ball joint, and loosen the nut (B).
    NOTE: During installation, insert the new cotter pin into the ball joint pin hole from the front to the rear of vehicle, and bend its end as shown.

  1. Remove the upper arm mounting bolts (A), and remove the upper arm (B).

  1. Install the upper arm in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
    • Be careful not to damage the ball joint boot when installing the knuckle.
    • Tighten all mounting hardware to specified torque values, except for the upper arm mounting bolts.
    • First install all the components and lightly tighten the bolts and nuts, then raise the suspension to load it with the vehicle's weight before fully tightening to the specified torque values. Do not place the jack against the ball joint pin of the knuckle.
    • Torque the castle nut to the lower torque specification, then tighten it only far enough to align the slot with the ball joint pin hole. Do not align the castle nut by loosening it.
    • Install a new cotter pin on the castle nut after torquing.
    • Before installing the wheel, clean the mating surface on the brake disc and the inside of the wheel.
    • Insert a rod (A) of appropriate size (O.D. 6 mm/L: 300 mm) into the positioning holes (B), and place the upper arm (C) on the rod to position it before tightening the upper arm mounting bolts.