Center Console Removal/Installation

  • When prying components, use the handy remover set or equivalent.
  • Take care not to scratch the front seat, dashboard, and related parts.
  1. M/T: Remove the shift knob (A).
    5-speed M/T: Lower the shift lever boot (B) to release the hook (C) from the knob.
    6-speed M/T: Loosen the locknut (D).
    Remove the shift knob.

  1. Detach the clips (A, B) by pulling the center console front panel (C) up. If equipped, disconnect the seat heater switch connectors (D).

  1. Detach the clip (A) by pulling the ashtray (B) up.

  1. Remove the screws (A), detach the clips (B) and hook (C) by pulling the center holder (D) up, and disconnect the cigarette lighter connector (E), cigarette lighter light connector (F), and cigarette lighter light bulb socket (G).

  1. Detach the clips (A, B) by pulling the center console rear panel (C) up.

  1. Remove the center console (A).
    Open the console box lid (B) then remove the console mat (C).
    '05 model: Disconnect the rear accessory power socket connector (D), and detach the clip (E).
    Remove the screws (F, G), then pull up the rear portion of the console up to release the hooks (H), then remove the console.
  1. Install the console in the reverse order of removal, and replace any damaged clips