Console Armrest Disassembly/Reassembly

  • When using a flat-tip screwdriver, wrap it with protective tape to prevent damage.
  • Take care not to scratch armrest.
  1. Remove the screws, then remove the armrest hinge (A) and the console tray (B) as an assembly.
  1. Slide the console armrest forward fully.

  1. Insert a large flat-tip screwdriver wrapped with protective tape into the center of the gap between the console armrest (A) and the console armrest base (B), and gently push it down straight until you hear one of the inside hooks (C) of the console armrest come off the stop portion (D) of the console base.
    NOTE: Apply protective tape (E) to the ridge on the inside of the armrest to prevent scratching.
  1. Slightly slide console armrest forward to get the inside hooks over the stop portions, then remove the flat-tip screwdriver from the gap.

  1. Remove the console armrest (A) from the guide rails of the console armrest base (B).

  1. Remove the screws, then remove the slide bracket (A).

  1. Separate the console armrest base into the upper base (A) and the lower base (B), remove the screws, then remove the armrest lock (C) and the tray lock (D) from the upper base.
  1. Reassemble the console armrest in the reverse order of diassembly.