Rear Door Glass Outer Weatherstrip Replacement

  • Once you remove the door glass outer weatherstrip, replace it with a new one because it will bend during removal.
  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.
  • Take care not to scratch the door.
  1. Remove the screw (A) from the front edge of the door, and screws (B) fastening the rear portion of the door weatherstrip (C), sash, and the door outer molding (D).

  1. Starting at the front, pull the door glass outer weatherstrip (A) up at each portion where the inner molding (B) catches the inside edge of the window slot. Take care not to bend the door outer molding (C).

  1. First slide the door glass outer weatherstrip (A) forward slightly, detach the rear clip (B) by pulling the front of the weatherstrip up, then remove the weatherstrip.
  1. Install a new weatherstrip in the reverse order of removal.