Rear Seat-back Cover Replacement

  • Take care not to tear the seams or damage the seat covers.
  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.
  1. Remove these items:
  1. Remove the screws, then remove the center belt guide.

  1. From the front of the seat-back, detach the clips, then remove the armrest back panel (A).

  1. Release the hooks (A, B) from the seat-back frame (C).

  1. Release the hook (A) and fastner (B), and unzip the seat-back cover (C). The left seat-back is shown; the right seat-back is similar.

  1. Release all the clips (A), and fold back the seat-back cover (B).
Left seat-back
Right seat-back

  1. Pull out the seat-back pad (A) from the frame (B), then pull out the headrest guides (C) while pinching the end of the guides, and remove them.
  1. Remove the seat-back cover and pad from the seat-back frame.

  1. Pull back the edge of the seat-back cover (A) all the way around, and release the clips (B), then remove the seat-back cover.
  1. Install the cover in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
    • To prevent wrinkles, make sure the material is stretched evenly over the pad before securing the clips.
    • Replace any clips you removed with new ones. Install them with commercially available upholstery ring pliers.
Left seat-back
Right seat-back