DTC Troubleshooting: B1356

DTC B1356:
 Power Tailgate Control Unit Lost Communication with Power Window Master Switch (DRLOCKSW Message)
  1. Clear the DTCs using the HDS.
  1. Cycle the ignition switch to OFF, and then back ON.
  1. Check for DTCs by selecting the DTCs MENU (DTCs) from the HDS.
Are DTC B1006, B1058, B1160, B1356 and B1607 indicated?
Faulty door multiplex control unit; replace the power window master switch.■
NO -
Go to Step 4 .
  1. Check for continuity between the No. 3 and No. 5 terminals of power tailgate control unit connector B (5P) and body ground.
Is there continuity?
Faulty power tailgate control unit; replace it.■
NO -
Repair an open in the BLK wire(s), or poor ground (G705).■