DTC Troubleshooting: 11

DTC 11:
 Left Rear Wheel Sensor Signal Error
NOTE: If DTC 112 is stored at the same time as DTC 11, troubleshoot DTC 112 first, then recheck for DTC 11.
  1. Check for VSA system DTCs with the HDS.
Are any DTCs indicated?
Troubleshoot the indicated VSA system DTC(s).■
NO -
Go to Step 2 .
  1. Clear the DTCs with the HDS.
  1. Test-drive the vehicle at 8 km/h (5 mph) or more, and turn the adaptive cruise control (ACC) switch ON.
  1. Test-drive with the adaptive cruise control (ACC) activated, and watch the adaptive cruise control (ACC) indicator.
Does the adaptive cruise control (ACC) indicator come on?
Go to Step 5 .
NO -
Intermittent failure. The system is OK at this time. Check for loose or poor connections.■
  1. Check for DTCs with the HDS.
Is DTC 11 indicated?
NO -
Troubleshoot the indicated DTC.■