Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 14

  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 14

    General Information Design Specifications (cont’d) ITEMS METRIC ENGLISH NOTE nuns Clulch 4,117 mm element, one stage, mo phase MISS|0N S—MT sanala dry plala, mapnraarn surinw Transmixlml 4—A‘l’ Torque conv-flav wllh lock up clutch S—MT Synchmmexh 5 roman: spends, 1 rmrsa Ganrfiatio 1 3.101 <2.529> < >:4AT 11 1.342 <1.491> III I .203 <1 .030> IV 0.370 v 0.694 Havana 3.000 <1.904> Flnal naauman 3.856 Clulch Facing Area 176 cm’ 127:1 sq. in! STEERING Tyne Manual Steering Rack and Plninn Imugral SVSYEM Powev smrlng Power Assmee Peck and Prnion lmegml Overall Rana Manual sraarlng 19.4 Fowl! S‘eenng 16.0 Turns, lor:k-m-lock Manual Steering 3.73 Pow-v Sleanng 3.11 smaer‘lnu Wheel Dis. :176 mm 14.761n, Power Smeving 011 Capacky 1.42 21 mm. 61., 15 us a1, Power sreerlng 0.1 HONDA Genulm Pow-r S1eoring Fluld SUSPENSWN Tvua. F Double Wlsnbame “STEM Type, R Double Wishboma Shock Abwrber F/R velascaplc, hvdrauIIc WHEEL Wheel Al‘lgnmenl ALIGNMENY Cemblr Franl 0° Ra-r o Caner From 30 You From 17mm 0.0 in. Rear 0 mm 0.0 1n. BRAKE Tyna, 1: Soltaajusrsng power asamaa an: brake “STEM Typa, a Power assisted leadingnraining shoe and drum Linmg Surface Araa FIR 43.31672 mm 17012.6» in. Efleaive Disc Dia. 242 mm 9,51n. Eflaclive sralra Drum 1.0. 200 mm 7,9111. Parking Blake rvp- Mmhunical expanding, Heal me whaal brakes 711165 F/H mas/705113 Spare 7105/3001 :1 ELECYRICAL Battery 12V#50AH 10am cranking curnm svs‘rEM 717.1‘0 [UHF] 410m Surfing Motor 12—1.o/1.4Kw GInM-mr 12—65A Fuses 7.6A, 10A, 15A. 2051, 30A Mnin Fuse 70A, 40A Headlights Law/High 12V~35/65W (SAE H6052) luumlnanon Iinhn 12v—1.4w From Turn Signal Lights/Position 1.19m; 12v—32 era/32 cu (SAE 1157) (mmbinnlon) Gauge Huh“ I 2V—3,4W/I ,AW Side Marker Lighxs 11mm and ram) 12v—5w, 12v—3 co (SAE 168) 1-10