Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 15

  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 15

    ITEMS METRIC ENGLISH NOTE ELECTRICAL Warning/Indinaml Lights 12V—I,2W SVSTEM Interior Liam 12v43w (col-Id? RM, Tum/sKopne-‘Higm l2v—32 cp/32 29/2 cp isAEI 156, SAE2057) Turn Slgnal lnaiwror Ligms 12V—1.2W Tum or Hatch Lights l2V—5W Back-up LIgth 12V732 cp (SAEllssi Licence Plale Liqhu I2V—EW Glove Box nghl 12V73.4W Door Courtesy Lights 12V714W mater illumination Lights I2V71.4W Fuse Box Lighifi I2V—2W SERVICE Ignition Timing 15° : 2° BTDC u idle DATA Valve Timing IN open 10°ATDc (Enginni IN do” asuanc EX op. 40°5lanc EX dose l5“aTuc Spark Plug NGK: EPREEY-H, BPREEY-I‘I ND: W16EXR-UH,W205XR~UH Spark Vlug Gap l.o—1 1 mm o one—0.043 in. Idling Snead (wilh headlights o and cooling fan off.) A—AT 800 g 50 min (mm) 5—MT 750 2 so min lrprni Fuel Tank Capacity/Ramalnmg Gmiine Capacity 502 13.2 Imp. pal, 15.9 us gal. Cflolant Capacity 47AT 6.2E 5.4 imp. ql., 35 us qt. 54w 5.62 4.9 imp. at” 5.9 us at. Alternelor Belt Tension 579 mm 0.2—0.4 in, (ADDIIed load) (993 N, w kgi (22 lb.) Valve meal-anc- intake/Exhaust Cold IN 0-1241” mm 0005—0007 in. Ex 0.25—0.30 mm o Ola—0.012 in. Compression Ratiu 125 ~ l — Engine oil Capacity 3.52 ll Imp. qt, 3.7 us qt. Including oil in Ville! Transmission oil Capacin 5—MT 2.52 2.2 Imp. qt, 2.6 us qt. 4—AT 2.52 2.3 Imp. qK , 2 7 us qI. Automatic Transmirsmn Fluid DEXRONw —_ (Chalk) Tire Pressure FIR Ian “’5 1.8 kil/cm’, 25 Spare 420 kFa 4.2 ko/cm’, so psi Brakc Fluid Broke Pedal Pres Play Brake Pedal»to»Floor clparanoe Brake Pad Wearing lei! Brake Sho Waring Limit Clutch Podai Fm Play DOT a or A Tvpt SAE “703 IA5 mm 0.04—0.10in. 205 mm 0.044110 in. 3.0 mm 8.I in. 2.0 mm 0.12 in. 15425 mm 0.59—0.53 in. 1-11