Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 19

  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 19

    ITEMS METRIC ENGLISH NOTE TRANS- Clutch 4—AT anee elemeru, one arrage, Two phase MISSION 57MT Single dry plare, diaphragm spring Transmissmn drAT Torque conyaner wilh lock up oluroli ¥MT Svnchrometh s Iorwaru speeds, 1 reverse K B,KE,KF Frimarv Redunlon Len KW KG, KW K54 I <2,529> <2.529> < >24—AT II (.542 lll 1.250 < 1 .oao> IV 0.937 <0 743> «3.700) V 0.771 — — 7 Reverse 1000 <1.904> Final Heducrion 5—MT mes <3.9:3> <4.oss> <4.oe§> elulcn Facing Area (um ‘60 em) (I76 cm’) 211.3 say in. (27.: w m) STEERING Type Manual sreering Rack and Pi ‘on Inlegral SVSYEM Power sreering Power alsisled Rack ond Pinlon integra! Overall Rario Manual SIeerinp 19,4 Power Sleerinp 16.0 Turm, lockrmrlock Manual srearina :l 73 Power Steering :I.II Slaying wneel Dia. 375 mm |4u76 in, Power Steering on Tank Canacltv 1‘41 L2 lino, pr., |.5 us pt, Power Steering Oil Honda Genume puwer :tuering Ind SUSPENSION Tylu. F Daubln wmrlaone SVSTEM Type, R Douole Wishbone snack Absoroer F/R Telescopic hydraulic WHEEL Wheel Alignment ALIGNMENT Carnoer Frum a“ Mar 0 Caner Front 0°30- Toe From 0mm on in, Rear 0 mm 0.0 | BRAKE Type, F sell-odiurrinq power axisted disc brake type sverM Type, a Drurn “ one Ior EX 2m and cans Nulpped wml Anti-Lock Brake. Lmlng Surface Arls F/FI 43.3/2I (discl 57.2 (drum) cm“ Eflectlve Dlsc ma mrn m in Ellaorrye arake Drum ID. 200 mm 7.9 in Parkmg Brlke Type Mechanical explnding, Rear rwo wheel brakes“ n Maenanical lo rear disc for mulpped Wlth Disc Brake. TlRES FIR 155m: 825,1555FH3 IBs/mma 85H, 185/70R13 861, leslmnnlm I95/60H14 35H soare TIOSIBODISI T105180R13, (TI35/70D15) For can equipped MOI AMI-Lock Erika ELECVRICAL sanery 12v—soAl-l (I:qu cranking cunenl sygrEM »l7.7°c Io‘FI 4mm Srarring Mom! Generator Fum 12V»I.0/1.4KW 12—65A 75A 10A, 15A, 20A. 30A (cont’d) 1-15