Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 30

  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 30

    Engine ~Cy|inder Block Lightweight and Compact 2.0 liter FC Block The 2.0 liter cylinder block is a bore-up version of the 13 liter block so the size Is not incleased but the weight is reduced by improvements in the precision castmg method to equalize the housmg thickness whlle assuring sufficient rigidity for the incleased power. About 1 kg [3 %) in weight reduction has been achieved compared to the previous 1.3 liter cylinder block. Cylinder Block Specification: Bore x Stroke 52.7 x 910 mm (3.255 x 3.533 in) a“ W Bore Pitch so mm (3,554 in.) Block Helgm 2123 mm (8.358 in) Displacement 1.955 cm’ (119.303 cu. in.) A4 E E 2 N a i l I ‘L —-C rankshaft The crankshaft used in all export 2.0 liter engine is newly providedl Although it is quite similar to the previous 1.8 liter crankshatt. Crankshaft Specification: Overall Length 452 mm (17.795 in.) Journal Diameter 50 mm (1.965 in.) Crankpin Diameter 45 mm (L772 in.) Crank Radius 455 mm (L791 inl) NOTE: The bearing selection mark indicated for the #1 journal is one rank smaller than for other journals as the expansion in me #1 journal is greater 2-2