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  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 31

    la: The design of the oil return passage at the oil ring groove has been changed from a slit type to a drilled type to assure rigidity of she piston skirt, The oil return passages drilled in the piston just below the last ring land [oil ring) have been abolished. Heat transmission from the pisxon head to skirt is also improved. —Piston Piston Specifications MODEL TYPE CORD AREA 2}? CARBURETOH PH4 ALL EXPOHTAHEAS K 22 PGM-Fl PJO KC‘ 3 3“ Kx KC and KO :2 PGMVFI (EC) OEC KY, KF, KG, KW and KE OFFSET (15 mm SELEDYION ENGlNE TYPE CODE A new aluminum alloy is employed ior the Accord PGM»F| KE, KG, KF, KW and KY kype piston. It fea‘ures high strength at high temperalure, small hem expansion and improved abrasion resisLanCE. Oil consumption is reduced as a resul‘ of diminished wear at the ring grooves and diminished creep at the skirt area. 0 Ovenin Piston For the above engines, only one range of oversized pismn — 03 mm (0.0115 in.) Dversile — is available, 2-3