Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 32

  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 32

    Engine FFlywheel (Drive Plate) Timing marks are indicated on the flywheel (drive plate) as shown below. TYPE KC KG KP KT KY 22 CARE. MT 20°/7oo 20°1750 20°1750 zo“/750 zo°/750 212 CAREAT 15°/7uo 15/7oo 20°/7oo 20°/7oo 20°/7DD 212 FC-FIMT 21 FC-FIAT 16/750 TYPE KF KG KW KS KX KE ZECARB. MT 20°/750 zo°/750 20°/750 10°/750 15°/750 20°/750 ZJZCARB. AT 22 CARE AT 20°/7oo zo°/7oo 20°/7oo io°/7so 10°/7oo 20°l7oo 212 FC-Fl MT 15°/ano 15°/800 15°/aoo 1o°/aoo 15°Isoo 15°/Boo 212 FC-FIAT 15°/7son 15/7son :5°/7son 1o°/7soo 15°/750 15°/7son NOTE: The D mark indicates idle speed in the D-range, Manual (ranmiuion Automnictnnsmi ion RED RED —Timing Belt A high strength super heat resistant belt is employed. Timing Belt Specifications nuassn Belt Width 24 mm (0.945 in.) Pitch 9.525 mm [0.375 in) Number of Teeth 108 NVLON FAaRIc FIEER GLASS 2-4