Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 39

  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 39

    Fuel -Fuel Pump The fuel pump is an invtank type. Pumping action is provided by a small electric motor driving Ihe pump impeller. The impeller blades farce mar luel through the outlet pipe as the impeller spins. The fuel pump is sufficiently small and light that can be mounted inside the fuel tank. A relief valve is pruvided to prevent pressure overload in the iuel line. It opens When there is a blockage in the discharge side of the fuel line. A check Valve is provided to maintain fuel pressure in the fuel line after thé pump is stopped in order to make restarting of the engine easy. FUEL Funny 57 / anAcKH RELIEF VALVE PUMP COVER ‘ a IMPELLER IMPELLEH GROOVE CHECK VALVE ARMAYURE rqu CASING INPELLER Specifications 15 Fl) Item 0” New Remarks (‘6700—PE7—743l l16700—PH3—003) Pump type Roller Impeller Location inrline In-tank Outer diar X Length (mm) 55 x 212.5 50.7 x 123.6 Miniaturization ratio: 47% Weight (kg) 1.l8 0.585 Weight reduction ratio: 51% Pulsatiort pressure [kg/m2) 0.13 0.05 Pulsation reduction ratio: 62% Motor speed irpm) 2,000 4,300 Motor torque {kg/cm) 1A 015 Delivery pressure (kg/cm’) 2.55 2.55 Displacement lQ/Hrl Min, 85 Min. 85 Heliei valve opening pressure 4.6—6.0 4.5—6.0 (kg/cm” The fuel pump is assembled by crimping and cannot be disassembled. Extramer urict product cuntrol for r . wire harness layout and assembly is taken at the factory to prevent luel in in. tank from igniting. When repair is necessary, the fuel pump and bracket must be repI-ced with a now ammhly. 3-2