Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 41

  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 41

    Carburetor —Automatic Choke This system provides easy engine starting under a wide range of air temperatures. The system consists of the following: a) The choke valve and its linkage system b) The choke heater electrical circuit cl The choke opener (ii The fast idle and fast idle unloader system The choke valve is located in the primary throttle bore of the carburetor. When the engine is not running, the choke valve angle is determined by the bimetallic coil spring acting against the Choke return spring. When the engine is running, the choke opener also affects the choke valve anglet When the engine is started] electric current supplied to the main choke heater causes the bimetallic coil spring to open the choke valvet As the air temperature in the choke can rises, the thermal switch turns on and electric current is also directed to the secondary choke heater. This speeds the opening 0! the choke valve during its final stages. The combina- tion 01 heater and thermistor keeps the bimetallic coil spring at a constant high temperature. CHOKE covER FRIMARV BORE SEDONDARV BORE FLOAT LEVEL ADJUSTING SCREW SEEONDARV DIAPHRAGM cnoxs OPENER THROTTLE CONTROLLER DIAPHRAGM 9?“1‘0” PRIMARY chvw MIXTURE cur—OFF SOLENOID VALVE AIR VENT CUT-OFF DIAPHRAGM ch. K0 only) lDLE MIXTURE SCREW AccELERAYOR PUMP The choke opener adjusts the choke valve for increased air flow once the engine begins to lire. It operates in two steps according to coolant temperature and operates independently oi the fast idle setting. The last idle unloader operates in two steps according to the characteristics of rhermovalves A and B, which sense the engine coolant temperature differently. 3-4