Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 43

  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 43

    Carburetor rChoke Opener System (contd) 2.02 KX, K0 Only Choke Opener When cranking the engine (0 start, the cranking leak solenoid valve is activated and manifold vacuum is released from Ihe valve so that the choke opener does not operate. In addition, when cranking the engine or afrer starting, activation cf lhe solenoid valve is delayed for several seconds by the solenoid Valve conlrol unit in order to improve cold engine driveability. KC, Kx, K0 Tyne: CRANKING LEAK SOLENOID VALVE 0R DELA TIMER ‘ COOLANT TEMP. BELOW 70°CI156°F) . STARTER SWITCH SIGNAL AND (FROM IGNITION SWITCH) I INTAKE AIR TEMP. ABOVE 18°C (64.4°Fl AND (When cranking the engine) . STARTER SWITCH SIGNAL (FROM ACG L TERMINAL) (After starting the engine) » INTAKE AIR TEMVERATURE SENSOR ,— CHOKE OPENER fl 1a To ACG L TERMINAL h m IGNITION swncu to rnanomo VALVE CRANKING LEAK Tl-l ERMOSENSOR SOLENOID VALVE 1? a. J; SOLENOID VALVE CONTROL UNIT