Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 50

  • Honda Accord 1986-310 Service Manual - Page 50

    .6 —|d|e Boost Control iA/C) KX KO Only This system prevents the idIe speed from dropping when the A/c compressor switch is turned On. When the compressor switch is on, manifold vacuum is introduced into the diaphragm chamber of the idle cantraller through the idle control solenoid valve which is activated by the compressor switch and the diaphragm rod is retracted to open the micmc Valve by a certain amount. The amounI of this throttle Valve opening is adjusted with the idIe control screw on the idle controller to maintain the original idle speed when the air conditioner compressor switch is turned on. When the compressor Is off, or engine coolant temperature] vehIcIe speed] and engine speed are above thesel value the idle control solenoid Valve is deactivated to close the Vacuum passage and the vacuum stored in the controller Is released bv the air entering through the filter on the solenoid valve. VACUUM SWITCH B 0N A/C SWITCH ON AND COOLANT TEMP. ABOVE 70°C i1SE°Fi AND VEHICLE SPEED ABOVE 15 MPH CONDITIONS CONDITIONS AND LEFT APPLIED LEFT NOTAPPLIED ENGINE SPEED ABOVE 1,500 rpm AND MT: CLUTCH SWITCH OFF [Clutch pedal is not depressed) A/C IDLE CONTROL A/C IDLE CONTROL AT: SHIFT POSITION SWITCH OFF SOLENOID VALVE SOLENOID VALVE {Any position other than “N”.] OFF ON VENICLE SPEED SENSOR FnoM A/c SWITDH CONTROL UNIT IDLE DONYROLLER To IGNITION COIL IGNITION swrrcN IDLE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE THERMO SENSOR Mr: CLUTCH SWITCH AT: SHIFT POSITION smTcN TO INTAKE MANIFOLD 3-13