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  • Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 11

    Preparation of Work — Special Caution Items For This Car l. Retractable headligh‘s are installed. For manual raising and lowerlng, the fuse must be pulled. When ralsing and lowering is executed without pulling the fuse, danger may be caused by rapid turning of the manual retracting knob. MANUAL RETRACTING KNOB \ MANUAL RETRACTING KNOB 2. For cars equipped with A. 3., the high-pressure brake fluid must be drained befors disassemblv of the A.L.E. piping systemt When this is not done, danger may be caused by brake fluid squirting out under high pressure. For draining at the high- pressure brake fluid, reter to Section 20. ALE. T-WRENCH 07907— 5300000 3. Fuel LIrIe Servicing (Fuel-Injected Engine) ~ Relieve fuel pressure by loosening the servrce bolt provided on the top of the fuel filter belore disconnecting a luel hose or a iuel pipe. ( SERVICE BOLT 12 N~m (1.2 Ira-m, 9 Ib-m FUEL FILYER SHOP TOWEL - Be sure to replace washers, O-rings, and seal rubbers with new ones when servicing uel line Dans. - Always apply oil to the surleces of O-rings and seal rings before installation. Never use brake fluid, radiator fluid, vegetable oils or alcohole based oils. SEAL RUEBER emfm: FUEL INJECYOR - When assembling the flare joint of the high pressure fuel line, clean the joint and coat with new englne ail. - When installing an iniecter, check the angle of the coupler. The center line ol the coupler eheuld align with the setting mark on the injector holder. SETTING MARKS (com’dl 1-9