Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 13

  • Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 13

    4. Use special tool when use of such a tool is speoi- s. Coat or lili parts with spa fled grease where speci- fied. lied grease where specified (page 4-2). Clean all re- moved parts in or with solvent upon disassembly. O <57 5. Parts must be assembled WIlh me proper looseness or ‘ighlness according to the maintenance slan- 10. Blake fluid and hydraulic componenls dalds established. - When leplenishing the system, use extreme care not to allow dust and dirt from entering the 6. When tightening bolts pr nuts, begin on center or inside. large diameter bolts and tighten [hem in crisscross - Do not mix diflerenl brands of fluid as they may pattern in two or more slaps i! necessary. not be compatible. - Do not reuse drained brake fluid - Brake tiuid can cause damage to the painted sur- faces. Wipe up spilled liuid at once. - Alter disconnecting brake hoses or pipes item the joint, be sure plug the opening to prevent ’ loss ot brake fluid. » Clean all disassembled pans only in clean BRAKE FLUID. Blow open all holes and passages with compressed air. 7. Use new packings, gaskets, D-rings and aottar pins whenever reassembiing. t Keep disassembled pans lorrn ail-borne dust and abrasives. - Check that parts are clean before assembly. 11. Avold oil or glease getting on rubbel pans and tubes. 8. Use genuine HONDA parts and lubricants or those equivalent, When pens are to be reused, they must 12. Upon assembling, check every possible part for be inspected cavefully to make sure they are not proper installation and movement or operation. damaged or de‘enoraled and in good usable condiv @359 1-11