Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 2

  • Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 2

    Outline of Model Changes Design and Mechanism are changed MODELS REF ITEM DESCRIPTION - KE KF KG K0 KW KX SECVON Carbureted Engine Model (equipped 0 New Release [KG and KX models were _ wrrn A20A| Engmei released In 198m A20A3 Engine 0 o 0 New Release — ruellnrected , 0 New Release lother models were released Engine Model Am“ Eng” In 1986) ’ EZOAI Englne o O 0 New Release 7 O O O §5 thrn. E e m eta N T E2 A2 9 (nailimllwl 9‘” V9“ 0 ’ §‘0 A20A1 Eng-n9 o O o Idle Control Sysxem does not aggly 7 Fuel and Emssion AZOAS Engine 0 O 0 New System a Control Sys‘em ‘ ‘ A20“ Engine 0 Evaporatlve Ernrsarnn Comrol Syatern §12 added BZOAZ Engine 0 O 0 New System §12 Clurcn New Type §1 3 Manual nansmlasion New Type lezl §14 Driveshalls (are) (8) {g} lnterrnedlete Shaft added §17 From Brakes Uses large From Caliper and Disc §zo t , Uses New Type «or A20A1 and BZDAZ Dlstllbutor O O O O O Englnesl 924 Headllghls o Equipped wilh DimsDip Lighting System §25 IYEM MODELS DESCRIPTION REF SECTION Models equipped with 4W~ALB anl Brakes lexcem KS mode” Uses large Front Caliper and Dlsc gzo name specificalion ALL Frame Specifications near Rear Suspension é“ are changed Comhmmn Mew ALL Fur Coolant Tempevalure and Fuel Gauges, §25