Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 48

  • Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 48

    Lubrication Points No LUBRICATION POINTS LUBRICANY I Engine API Service Grade: SE or SF SAE Viscosity: See chan below 2 Transmission Manual API Service Grade: SE or SF SAEEO, low—30, IOWvAO or 20W74O grade oil Auiamaric DEXRONo Automatic transmission lluid 3 Brake reservoir Brake fluid DOT 3 or DOT 4 4 Steering gearbox (Power) Honda s‘aering grease P/N 03704v99969 4 Steering gearbox (Manual) 5 Steering ball joint 6 Suspension ball iclints 7 Front upper arm 5 Steering Beer 9 5an lever pive: (Manual) 10 Sleering column bushings I 1 Horn contacr 12 Shllt rod clevis bushings 13 Salecl lever (Automatic) ‘4 Pedal linkage Multinurposs Grease 1 5 Thranle cable and 16 Brake mastar cylinder push rod 1 7 Hear caliper 18 Tailgate hinges (Hatchback) 19 Trunk hinges (Sedan) 20 Dnor hinges upper and lower 2| Door opening derenls 22 Fuel iillar lid 23 Engine hood hinges 24 Engine hood latch 25 Till lever 26 Select lever 27 Rear bnke Shae linkage 28 intermediate shaft (520A Engine] Piswn seal 29 Caliper Dust seal Silicone Grease 30 caliper pin Pision 31 Power slaering reservoir Honda power steering fluid P/N 08208—99981 Recommended Engine Oil 155 or SF Grade only) Engine oil Viscosiw for ambienl temperature ranges,