Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 53

  • Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 53

    lei r Cylinder Block The cylindev block is a 4-row-siamese closed deck design which feaxures compac‘ and high rIgidiW. A Honda nal NDC (New Diecas‘) method is used in the manuacturee The aluminum cy|indel mack is aprox. 50% lighter than a cast iron cylinder block having the same rigidiry. Specifications ¢ 3‘ ‘‘ Bore x stroke 8| x 950 mm Bore Pitch 50 mm Block Height 250 mm Displacement 1,955 cm1 E E E O 1:! —— Crankshaft The crankshaft is of high-strength microalloyed steel with an ideal combination of largan material treatment and nitnding plocsss to provide the strength and quality needed for the increased ourput at this engine. Specifications Overall Length 471 mm Journal Diameter 55 mm Crankpin Diameter 48 mm NOTE: The bearing selection mark Indlca‘ed for ‘he #3 i0uma| is one rank smaller Khan For other journals as Ihe housing altpansion in the #3 journal is greater, #3 JOURNAL OTHER JOURNALS MARK RANGE (in MARK RANGEiiA) l —6~— 12 1 o~~s 2 ~12~—18 2 ~6~712 3 ——18~—24 3 ~12~—18 4 —24~—ao 4 mam—24