Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 7

  • Honda Accord 1987 Service Manual - Page 7

    Lift and Support Points — H t 1. Place the lil! blacks as shown. 2. Raise the hols( a law Inches and rock (he Cat to be sule it is firmly supported 3, Raise the hoist to lull height and inspect Iilt points tor sand support, wnon heavy teat components such as suspension, fuel tank. sum and tmnk lid/hutch m la b. [unlov- su, place nddlxlonal waight in the trunk below hoisting. Whm substantial walgh s removed ham the ma! at the cat, the cents! of gt-vity may charms and can cause tn. Clr to lip «omen: on (he hoist. NOTE: Since each tire/wheel assembly weights apnroximately 14 kg (30 lbs), placing the front wheels in the trunk can assist with the weight transfer. FRONT REAR LIFT ILOCK lconl‘a] 1-5