Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 116

  • Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 116

    under the Iront passenger’s seat. to work, replace the control unit. in the dash fuse box. — Headlight Washer Control Unit Input Test Disconnect the 5P connector lrom the Control unit Make the following input tests at the harness pins. I! all tests prove OK, yet the headlight washer still fails NOTE: Before lasting, check the No. 3 (20A) fuse CONTROL UNIT HEADLIGHY WASHER View from wire side l Bl cm W!!! V No. Wire Test condition You: desired result Possible cause (it result Is not obtained) 1 Bl uttdel all conditions. Check lor continuity to gmund: ~ Paul ground. should be continuity. a An open in the Wild. Under all conditions. Check for voltage to ground: « Blown Aux. tuae holder at»; fuse. 2 WA! . . should be battery voltage. - An open In the Wire. Ignition switch and Check lor voltage to ground: - Faulty headlight washer switch. 3 (WW headlight washer should be hattary voltage. - An open In the wlre. switch ON. Connect battery ooe Check pump operation: Pump « Faulty headlight washer pump. 4 WM aitiva wire to W/R should run as the battery is con- - An won in the wire. lerminal and naga— nested. ~ Foorground. live to ground. Haaolight 0N, Check for voltage to gvound: « An open in the wire. 5 W/Bl should be battery voltage. ~ Faulty velraclable headlight control unit. 25-7