Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 13

  • Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 13

    Inspection Ior fuel leakage ‘ Alter assembling fuel line parts. turn ON the lg- nition switch (do not operate the starter) so that the fuel pump is operated for approximately two seconds and the luel is pressurized. Repeat this operation two or three times and check whether any tuel leakage has occurred in any or the vari— ous points in the tuel lino. Installation at an amateur radio ior cars equipped with PGM-Fl, CRUISE CONTROL and A.L.B. Care has been taken for the control units of the PGM-Fl, CRUISE CONTROL and A.L.B. and its wirr ing to prevent erroneous operation trom external in» terrerence, but erroneous operation of the control units may be caused by extremely strong radio waves. Attention must be paid to the lollowing items to prevent erroneous operation of the control units. The antenna and the body of the radio must be at least 200 mm (7.9 in.) away from the control units. The control unit locations: » PGM-Fl ECU: under the left side seat. - CRUISE CONTROL: Under the drivers side dashboard. t A.L.B - Under the passengers side dashboard. - Do not lead the antenna feeder and the coaxial cable over a long distance parallel to the car’s wiring. When crossing the wiring is required. execute crossing at a right angle. ~ Do not install a radio with a large output (max. 10 W). Apply liquid gasket to the transmission. oil pump cover, right side cover and water outlet. Use Honda Genuine liquid gasket, PART No. 0Y74D—99986. - Check that the mating surfaces are clean and dry before applying liquid gasket. Degrease the mating surfaces if necessary. - Apply liquid gasket evenly, being careful to cover all the mating surlace. . To prevent leakage of oil, apply liquid gasket to the inner threads of the bolt holes. Do not install the parts it 20 minutes or more have passed after applying liquid gasket, In that case, reapply liquid gasket after removing old one. - After assembly, wait at least 30 minutes before lilling Wlth the appropriate liquid (engine oil, coolant and other similei fluid). 4. CAUTION: Oburva all safety pncoutlont Ind notes wnllo working, Protect all painted surfaces and seats against dirt and scratches with a clean cloth or Vinyl Cover. Work saier and give your work your un tied at- tention. When either the from or rear wheels are to be (3 ed, block the remaining wheels securely. Communicate at lrequontly as possible when work involves two or more workers. Do not run tho engine unless the shop or working area is well ventilated. Prior to removing or disassembling parts, they must be inspected carefully to isolate the cause for which service is necessary. Observe all salety notes and precautions and iollow the proper pro- cedures as described in this manual. / Mark or place all removed parts in order in a parts rack so they can be reassembled in their original places. (cant‘dl 1-11