Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 15

  • Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 15

    Betore making any repairs on electric wires or pans. disconnect the battery cables from the bat- tery staring with the negative (—) terminal, After making repairs, chock each wire or part for proper routing and installation. Also check to see that they are connected properly. Always connect the battery positive (+) cable first, then connect the negative i—l cable. N é: Goa! the terminals with clean grease after connect- ing the battery Cablest Dont forget to install the terminal cover over the positive battery terminal afier connecting. Before installing a new iuse, isolate the cause and take corrective measures, particulaer when fre- quent [use failure occurst Use correct retingl Be sure to install the terminal cover over the con» nections site! a wire or wire harness has been con» necred. COVER TEIMINAL . When removing locking couplers, be sure to disengage the look before disconnecting. - Couplers may be of two types, those in which the lock is pressed to remove, and those in which the lock is pulled up to remove. Be sure to ascertain the type of locking device before beginning work. The lollowing is a depiction of the means of disconnect- ing various typical couplersv Pun to dlungage: RR’K && Pull up to diungago: $09K ~ When disconnecting locks, first press in the coupler tightly (to prpvirle clearance to the locking device], then operated the tab fully and remove the cpupler in the designated manner. #: fl _L_|:I——l_— (Cont d) 1-13