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  • Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 16

    Preparation of Work —— Electrical (contd) - When disconnecting a caupler, pull it olf from the mating coupler by holding on both Couplevs. ‘ Never try to disconnect couplets by pulling on their wires, «fl . Before connecting couplers, check to see that the terminals are in place and are not bent or distoned. I Insert couplers fully until they will no longer go. Some couplers have locking tabs that must be aligned and engaged securely. - Don’t use wire harnesses with a loose wire or cons pier. ~ Place the plastic cover over the mating coupler after reconnecting. Also check that the cover is not distorted, Ofiix - Before connecting, check each connector cover for damage, Also make sure that the female connector is tight and not loosened from the previous use, - Insert male connectors into the lemaie connectors fully until they will no longer go. . Be sure that plastic cover is placed over the cone nectionl Position the wires so that the open end of the cover is not facing upward. - Secure wires and Wile harnesses to the frame with their respective wire bands at the designated loca- tions. Position the wiring in the bands so that only the insulated surfaces Contact the wires or Wire harnesses. >< ~ A loose wire harness or cable can be a hazard to safety. After clamping, check each wire for securi- rv in its clamp. O x MM - Do not squeeze wires against the weld when a weld-on clamp is used. 0 X LA. 1-14