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  • Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 17

    After clamping, check each harness to be certain that it is not interferring with any moving a! sliding Dans ol the vehicle. Keep wire harnesses eway irom the exhaust pipes and other hot parts. Always keep a safe distance between wire her- nesses and any heated parts. Keep sufficient distenoel S i f Do not bring wire harnesses in direct contact with sharp edges or corners. Also avoid Contact with the pvoiecled ends 0 bolts, screws and other fastenerst Route hamesses so they are not pulled taut or slackened excessively L , i Protect wires and harnesses with a tape or a tube if they are in contact with a sharp edge or comert Clean the attaching sulace thoroughly if an adhesive is usedt First. wipe with solvent or alcohol Do not damage the insulation when connecting a wire Do not use wires or harnesses with a broken insule» tion. Rep by wrapping with protective tape or replace with new ones if necessary‘ After installing pans, make sure that wire harness- es are not pinched. (contd) 1-15