Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 24

  • Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 24

    — 18. Power sreering 07965—6920201 07974— 5A507oo 07974—SA50800 no! Bass. A new Hub Dis/Assembly Tool, a an» Guide, A Clip Guide, a Numha Tool Numbal neseripriorr 01v Kerr-em omAxessoowo P/s Joint Aaapmr Ser 1 07GAK—SEOUI I0 P/S Pump Julnl Aasvmr (n 07GAK—SEO0I 20 PIS Hose Joim Adaptor (II } cump‘me’“ ‘°°S 074067001000! Pis Pressure Gauge Ser I 074067001010! avpess Tube Join! in 0745570010200 P/s Pressure Gauge Assy (I) 0740670010300 OII Preseure Velve m °°‘”°‘“ ‘°° 07406~00|0400 Pressure Gauge <1) 0772570030000 Universal Holder I 07725ADOI0IOI may also be used 0774370010300 Auachment, 42 x 47 mm I 07745—0010000 Driver r 07949461 Ioooo mev also be used. 07900*SA50000 P/S Seal Replacement Tool Set ‘ 07974ASA50100 Piston Seal Ring Guide in 079747950200 Piston Seal Ring Sizing Tool m 0797475A50300 c lndev End Pee my Slide! in 07974—9150400 Errd Seei Guide m Camper-em ‘ools 07974—950300 Duer Seal Gulde m 079747SA50900 PIS Tool Ser Case (ll omieeSAsoom Steenng Geavbox Locknul ernch. l 40 mm 07941—592000: Ball Joint Remover I @ 0794775340300 Driver Anachmem I mesa—7190000 Collar Drive! I — 19. Suspension Number You! Numbsr Description my Mums 07GAE—SEOOI00 Shack Absorber Sprung Compressor 1 o7GAFeseomoo Hub Assembiv Pin I O7GAF—SEOO200 Hub Aesembiv Driver Auachman! i omAPeszooaoi Flam Hub Driver Base 1 onioeoowzoo Wheel Alignmem Gauge an, s I 07746700l0|00 Auachmenl, 32 x 35 mm 1 mus—0010400 Anachmem, 52 x 55 mm 1 07746—00Ioaoo Aueenmem, 72 x 75 mm I o7749~oouoooo Driver 1 07949—6110000 may also be used. 07941 —592ooos Ball Join! Remover I 0796575300000 Ball Joint Dis/Assembly Toni Set 1 0796575800100 Ball Joint Remover/Installer m 0796575300200 Ball Jorm Remever aese m Componenl lools 07955— 5800300 Ball Jolm Insrener Base in 0796576340301 From Wheel Bearing Dis/Assemva 2