Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 4

  • Honda Accord 1989 Service Manual - Page 4

    Chassis and Engine Numbers ’— Vehicle Identification Number Manufacture, Make and Type oi vehicle JHM: HONDA MOTOR (30.. LTD., JAPAN. HONDA Passenger car Llne/Bady and Engine Type CA4: Accoid 1500 CA5: Accord 2000 Transmission and Body Type 3: Manual (SD) 4: Automatic (SD) 5: Manual [40) 5: Automatic (4D) Vehicle Grade : STD, GL, LX : EX 1 EXi EXSi EXR, LXC EXC EXCi EXSCi Fixed Code Auxiliary Number $99?>‘9.‘9.‘>“N JHMCASBMOOCSM Engine Type A20A1: 2000 Carburered engine for KG, KS, KW models A20A2: 2000 Carbureted engine ior KG, KW, KF, KE, KF, KT, KU, KY, KQ mudels A20A3: zooo Fuel-Injected engine for KG, KW, KX, KS models A20A4: 2000 Fuel-Injected engine A151“: 1600 Caiburelad engine Transmission/Emission Group 0: Manual/without catalytic convert Serial Number 9’ with Automatic Starting SOOOL F— Englne Serial Number (SOHO Engine) A20A274000qoj _‘ for KG, KW, KF, KE, KG models for KF, KG, KW, KT, KZ models er 3: Manual and Automatic/with catalytic coverter for KO model 5: Automatic/without catalytic converter 9’: Manual and Automalic/with catalytic converter for KGv KW, KX models Factory Code c: Saitema Factory Sayama Plant Model Year 3: 1939 Serial Number t F Engine Serial Number (DOHC Engine) Engine Tvpe BZOAZ: 2000 Fuel-Injected engine ior KF. KG, KE, KW models BZOAB: 2000 FueHnjected engine for KG, KX, KS models Medal Year 2: 1989 with catalytic converter Serial Number EZOAz-zgogg 3: 1939 without catalytic converter 1-2 — Transmission Number (Manual) Ymnsmissinn Type E1 M5: for A16A engine E2K5: (or AZOA engine excepl KS. KX models E2L5: for KX model with A20A engi E255: for KS model with AZOA engi F2K5: for 320A engine except KX model Model Veal 21 1939 Serial Number — Transmise on Number (Automatic) Transmission Type F4: lor AZOA Engine C9: for AIBA Engine Model Your 9: 1939 Semi Number EZKS-Zoflw FZXS: for KX model with BZOA angina __—_———— ne ne mew