Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 11

  • Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 11

    Lift and Support Points — Hoist 1, Place me Ml blacks as shown 2‘ Reuse the ham 3 ew Inches and rock me car lo be sure At Is firmly suppovted. 3. RSISE the honst ‘0 lull heugm and Inspect Ilf! DOInIS lor SOIId support ARch When heavy rear componoms such as suspension. fuel tank, spare (ire and Irunk lid an m be removed, place add no! weight in me flunk before hoisting. When substantial woight i3 removed roln (he rear of m. car, the center a! gravity may change and can cause the car to tip fovward on the hoisL NOTE: Since each tire/wheel assembly weighs approximately 14 kg (30 lbs), plac-ng the from wheels in the trunk will assist wnh the weighl transfer, LIFT BLOCKS FRONT SUPPORY POINT REAR SUPPORT PIJINT 1-8