Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 14

  • Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 14

    Tovwng Never uu two chains or rope to law e car; your ability to shiny control tire car may be advarsalv affected. We racommend the following: Flat Bed Equipment—Entire car is winched on a ilat bed vehicle. This is the best way of lranspomng the car. Wheel Lift TypeiTow With the from wheels off the ground If the car can only be towed With the from wheels on the ground: make sure the transmission is lull oi f|uld (see Seclion 9) and low with the transmission In neutral (N) and the ignition key in the | position CAUTION To avoid serious damage on automatic transmission ears, that stun the engine and sh to 04. then to N and shut the engine on. If the an does not run or the transmission cannot be ahilteo while the engine is run ‘ng, the cal mun he uen- spaded on flat bed equipment. wnen towing the 2.2i (with 4wsl even with the lront wheels (off «to ground. center the steering and tie me steering wheel in place. Check local regulations tor towingr CAUTION: 0 Do not exceed 35 mph (55 ltrn/h) or tow tor distances at more then 50 miles (30 km). o It n sling type low is used, tire tow truck driver should position wood spacer blocks between the cars trame and the chains and hit straps to avoid damaging the bumper and the body. 0 Do not use the bumpers to lih the car or to support the car’s weight while towing. Towma HOOKS] TIE DOWN BRACKETS TOWING HOOK 1-11