Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 15

  • Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 15

    Preparation of>Work r— Special Caution items For This Car 1. 4ws systsm sen/icing (with 4wsl - Do l’lcll disassemble the tear sieering gear box - wrien towing me car even with the iron: wheels of! the ground, Center the steering and tie the sieering wheel in place - When testing or adjusting the wheel alignment, attach the rear steering center lock pin (0 the rear steering gear box Make Sure that the real stee ’ng 983! box is located at the neuilal position. Naulrll Pnllflm (Murk-d ml! Non. n...“ REAR SVEERING CENTER LOCK FIN 07HAJ ~ SF I 0200 2. AL 5 piping system servicing Disassemble the ALB piping syslem eiier relieve the highpressuled brake fluid. omen/rise, the highvpressured brake fluid will irursr out and il is very dangerous See section 13 how to relieve me high pressured brake lluid. ALB T WRENCH 07HAA—anowo SERVICE BDIJ a N~m (0.5 kgrm. 4 ib-fii 3‘ Fuel Line Servicing Relieve luel pressure by loosening me sewice bolt provided an the mp ol rhe fuel ii el before disconnecting a fuel hose or a fuel pipe. SERVICE aoLT 12 N-m [1.2 kg-m, 9 lb-h) FUEL FIFE SHOP TOWEL 1-12