Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 18

  • Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 18

    ‘0. IL 12, Coat or flll parts with speCIfied grease as specitied (Page 4—2), Clean all removed pans with solvent upon disassembly. Brake tluid and hydraulic components . wnen replenishing the system. use extreme care to prevent dust and dirt trorn entering the system. ~ Do not mix ditterent brands of fluid as they may not be compatible. Do not reuse drained brake lluid. Brake fluid can cause damage to painted surtacee. Wipe up spilled fluid at once. ~ After disconnecting brake hoses pr pipes be sure to plug the openings to prevent loss of brake fluid. ~ Clean all disassembled parts only in clean BRAKE FLUID. Blow open all holes and passages with compresmd air. . Keep disassembled parts from air-borne dust and sbrasNes. - Check that parts are clean before assemblvu Avald oil or grease getting on rubber parts and tubes, unless specified. Upon assembling, check every part for proper installs» rion and operation. — Electrical 1 Betore making any repairs on electric wiles or parts, disconnect the battery cables ftom the battery staring with the negative l—) terminal, M f 32 After maltan repairs, check each wire or part for proper [Outing ind lnstallatlon, Also check tn see that they are connected properly. Always connect me battelY vositlve (+) cable first, then connect the negative (—l cable. - Coat the terminal: with clean grease atter connecting the battery cables. - Don’t target to install the terminal cover over tlre peartiye battery termlnal alter connecting, - Belore installing a new fuse, isolate me cause and take corrective measures, particularly wtten lreguent fuse lailure occurs. Use canon! raningl ~ Be sure to install the terminal cover over the connections alter 8 Wu: or wire harness has been connectedt coves TERMINAL (Contd) 1-15