Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 20

  • Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 20

    ~ Place lhe plastlc cover over the meme; connector alter lecannecting Also check that the cover ls not dlstort- eat l ‘ Before connectan connectors, check to see that the terminals are in place and are not bent or distorlede tlon shows examples of termlnel and seal abnormality NO GOOD No GOOD l - Check tor loose «names and rubber seals. The lllustrar RETAINERS l Example of waterproof connecmr: RUBBER RETAINER SEAL RUBBER SEAL - For the connector which uses lnsulatlon grease, clean the connector then apply grease lf the grease IS insum. Clen‘ 0! contammated. - Insert the connector tightly and make sure It Is securely locked. ‘ Check all the ere harnesses are connected - There are two types of locking lab: one that you have lo push and the other you should not touch when connects ing the connector. Check the shape of the locking lab betore connectlng. The locking tab havan a lapel end should not be touched when connecting, - The locking lab with an angle and should be pushed when connecting. i] Insert connectors fully untll they will no longer go. The connectors must be aligned and engaged securely, Dont use wire harnesses WI“! a loose wire or coupler No GOOD @2)( (chId) 1-17