Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 21

  • Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 21

    Preparation of Work —Electrica| (contd) - Before connecting, check each connector cover for GOOD No GOOD damage. Also make sure that the female connector is tight and net loosened irom the previous use NO GOOD X Insen male cunneuors into the iemaie cunneciors iuily until they will no iongergo. . Be sure that plastic cover is placed over the conneclion. Position the wires so that the open 0! the cover is nol ieemg upwardv No GOOD x mm clamping. check each harness to be certain that I! is not interfering wilh any moving or slldlng pans of the vehicle. Keep Wire harnesses away from the-exhaust pipes and other hot parts: Secure wires and wire harnesses m the frame Wim their respective wire bands at the designated locations. Posi- tion the Wiring In the bands so thal only the insulaled suriaces contact the wires or wire harnessest . ‘ Remove with care not to damage the lock. GOOD - Always keep a sale disiance belween wire harnesses and any heated pans, GOOD _ No GOOD 60011: i 1-18