Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 22

  • Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 22

    - on not mm wire harnesses in arrect contact with sharp edges or corners. - Also avotd contact with he projected ends or bolts, screws and other fasteners. - Rome harnesses so ‘hey are not pulIad (am or slackened excesslvelv. Nu GOOD ~ Protect wires and harnesses wrth A tape or a tube if they are In contact with a sharp edge or corner .355 J - Clean the anaching surface thoroughly if an adheswe IS used, Firs‘, wipe with solvent or alcohol if nece$ary coon ND>GOODV ‘ Seat grommets in their graoves properly, GOOD Apply sealant, ~ Do not damage the insulauon when conneclmg a wrre. - Do not use wires or harnesses with a broken insulation. Repair by wrapping with protective tape or replace with new ones If necessary. NO GOOD GOOD X C After installing parts, make sure that wire harnesses are no! pinched. no GOOD Dont lot wires be hedl - After munng, check that the wire harnesses are not twisted or kinked. - Wire harnesses shpuld be routed so that they are net pulled taut, slackened excessively. pinched or inxererA adjacent or survoundmg parls in all steerlng ing vosltlons. Iconl’d) 1-19