Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 6

  • Honda Accord 1990-1993 Service Manual - Page 6

    ——Engine Number (DX: European, LX: General and EX: KG 90 ps) Fla 2 -1 fl A °_‘°00° mi... Typ.___;l— F18A2 : 1‘8 1 SOHC Carbureled Leaded gasoline: KB 2.0! SOHC Carbureted Unleaded gasoline with CATA : KG/KS (DX), KQ (LX) 220! SOHC Carbureted Leaded gasoline: KW (DX), KP/KT/KU/KV (LXl 2.0! SDHC Carbursted 190px) Unleaded gasoline with CATA 7 K5 (EX 909$) Tiensmieeion Type 10’ 5-weed manual I 4-speed automatic swial Number FZOAZ : F20A3 : FZOAG : —Engine Number [EX except KG 90 p8) F20A2 — lo floo‘l Engine Type mm: 2.0: SOHC Carbureted Unleaded gasoline with CATA .- KG, Kx, Ks 2.01 sow: Carbureted Unleaded gasoline without CATA : KF, KE 2.0: SOHC Cavhureled Leaded gasoline :KE, Kw, KP, KT] xu, KV Tr-nsmiuion Two 10: 5-speed manual 1 5: 4-speed automatic Serial Number F20A3 : ——Engine Number (2.0i: European and EXi: KU) F2OA4 r 10 m1 Englne Type F20A4: 2V0: SOHC FuEHniected Unleaded gasoline wilh CATA ; KG, Kxi KS 2.0 t souc Fuelelnjected Unleaded gasoline without CATA: KF, KE : 220: some Fuel-Injected Leaded gasoline: KB, le KU Transm‘ssion Type 10: espeed manual “peed automatic —Engine Number (2.2i: European) Engine Typ. F22A3 . 2.2 4 sonc Fuelrlnjeoted Unleaded gasollne wilh CATA Trensmiuion Type 10: 5-spsad manual 15: 4-weed automatic Serial Numheli F22A3 — lo M iEngine Number (EXi: K0, KY) Engine Type FZZAZ . 222 l sonc FueHniected Leaded gasoline: Kv F22A5: 2.2 1 sonc Fuel—Iniected Unleaded gasoline with CATA : K0 Serial Number FZZAZ - 1000 001 —Manual Transmission Number H2A5 — 1O Transmisfiion Type ———j— H264: 2.0! FueHniecfisd and 2.21 Fuel-Injected except KO H258: 1.8! and 2.0! Carbureled H2U5: 2.21 Fuel-Injected: KO Serial Number —Automatic Transmission Number PX4B - Tienemieeion Type Serial Number Sana Number