Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 11

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 11

    Towing if the cor needs to be towed, cell a protessional towing service. Never tow the Car hehind another car with just a rope or chain. it is very dangerous. Emergency Towing There are three popular methods or towing a car: Flatbed Equipment — The operator loads the car on the back of a truck. This is the best way of tow» ing the pen Wheel Lift Equipment — The tow truck uses two pivoting arms that go under the tires (front or rear) and lifts them off the ground. The other two wheels remain on the ground. Sling-type Equipment — The tow truck uses metal cabies with hooks on the ends. These hooks go around parts or the rrame or suspension and the cables lift that end of the car off the ground. The cars suspension and body can tie seriously damag- ed if this method of towing is attempted. ii the car oannot be transported by flat~bed, it should be towed with the front wheels off the ground. it due to damage. the ear must he towed with the iront wheels on the ground, do the following: 5-Speed manual Transmission 0 Release the park 9 brake. I Shin the transmission to Neutral. Automatic Transmission 0 Release the parking brake. - Start the engine. 0 Shin to position, then to E position 0 Turn air the engine. NOTICE: Improper towing preparation will damage the transmission. Follow the above procedure exactly. If you can not shirt the transmission or start the engine (automatic transmission), your car must be transported on a flabbed. 0 It is best to tow the car no farther than 50 miles [80 km), and keep the speed below 35 mph (55 km/hi. NOTICE: Trying to lift or tow the oar by the bumpers will cause serious damage. The bumpers are not design» ed to support the car’s weight. TIE DOWN Moons TOWING HOOK 1-10