Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 29

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 29

    rrEM METRIC 1 ENGLISH Nmss WHEEL Cambev ant 0° 00 AUGNMENI Rear —o° 30 Caster 3° 00* Toul Toe Front 0 mm o in Rear In 2.0 mm ‘ In 0.03 in BRAKE SYSTEM Type, Fram Power-sssisied sell-adjusting venuiaxed dISC Rear Power-assisied seii-adiusiing solid disc Pad and Lining Snvface Aves: ant A/T 53.0 emz x 2 M/T Rear Palking Brake Kind and Type 49.4 cm2 x 2 29.7 sin2 x 2 4.60 Sq-m x 2 Mechanical actuafing, rear (W0 wheel brakes TYRE Size and Pressuve See [We inlovmation label (see page 1-7) ELECTRICAL Emmy Iz V—57AH/20HR (KG), 12 V747AH/20HR (KE) Slanev 12 V—1.4 kw, L6 kW Akemamv 12vrao A, 70 A Fuses In the under-dash fuse/velay box In the underrhood fuse/rekw box In me under-hood ABS iuse/velsv box Headligms Front Tulri Signa| Liszth ant Fosiiinn Lights Side Tum Signal Lights Reav Turn Signal Ligh1s sinpnaimgms Back-up L‘ighls Rear Fog Light License Pia‘e Lights Interior Ligth From Rear Boot Ligms Door Coulesy Ligth Glove Box Light Gauge Lights Indicmov Lights/Lamp Warning Lights |l|urninalion and Film Lights Hemer Illumination Ling! 7 5 A, to A,15 A,30 A 7.5A, 10 A, 15 A, 20 A, 30 A, 40A, 50A, 80A 75 Am A, 50 A 12 visa w (HI) 12 V~21WIAMBERD 12 v—5w 12 V—sw 12 V75w 12 vrsw i2v—o,34, 1.12, 1.4 w, LED 12 V—1AW I2 V70.56.O.54,I.2,1,4 W 12 V71.4W TROZi‘EG.’ Mal/alt §mublz= $05611 1111‘?) mm LI 3-15