Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 39

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 39

    Engine Removal/Installation lei mm 0 Make sure iaoks and safely stands are placed prop-r- ly and hoist brackets are attached to the corract posltiona on tho onglno. O Malt. sure the c- wlll not mil 0“ stands and hill whlio you are working undor it. CAUTION: - Use lander covers to avoid damaging painted surface. . Unspoclfled it me are common. 0 Unplug tho ng connectors carelully while holding the connector portion to avoid damage, 0 Make all wI ng and hoses to avoid misconnectiont Also, be sure that they do not Contact other wiring or hours or interference with other parts, 1. Secure the hood as far open as possible. 2. Disconnect the battery negative terminal first, then the positive terminal. 3‘ Remove the radiator cap. Use care whon removing the radlator cap to «mild scalding by hot coolant or steam. 4. Raise the hoist to full height. 5. Remove the from wheels and the engine splash shield. w u. ‘ . , ENGINE SPLASH 1 Ion) [1 0 kg m 5E- 6. Loosen the drain plug frurn the radiator. 7. Drain the transmission oil or fluid. Reinstall the drain plug using a new washer. 8. Drain the engine oil. Reinstall the drain bolt using a new washer, then lower the hoist. CAUTION: Do not overtighten the draln bolt. 9. Remove the intake air duct and air cleaner. lNrAKE AIR DUCT AIR CLEANER 1o N-m (1.0 kg-rri, 7 lb-ftl 10. Remove the battery, battery base, battery cable, 8 x 1.25 mm 22 N~rrl (2.2 Ila-m. 16 lb-fll 6x1.0mm 10 ml (1.0 ku-m, 7 “14!! BATTERY BASE BATTERY CABLE (cont’dl 5-3